our WARRANTY is simple

Jaylor has justifiably earned the reputation of building the most durable and reliable mixers in the industry. We are constantly reviewing and updating the design of our mixers and the quality and performance of optional components.

As a result, Jaylor offers exceptional warrantees, which include our 5 Year TMR Mixer Frame Warranty against faulty workmanship and materials at no additional cost. All you have to do is register and if ever there is a problem within those five years, we'll take care of it.


Our heavy duty planetary gearbox is constantly tested and as a result we offer a 5 Year Pro-Rated Warranty on the gearbox for both Single and Twin Auger TMR mixers.



On our 5000 Series TMR Mixers the DG weigh bars come with a 4 Year Warranty.



Jaylor also offers a 1 Year Warranty on all other components of the entire TMR mixer from the date of registration at the time of purchase.




Jaylor is proud of their quality reputation, but if and when a problem occurs Jaylor will work with the utmost speed and fairness to resolve the problem for our customer whatever it might be.